I’m happy to announce that the new work “My Heart Is All A Flutter – Black&White” is now available.
This is the first B&W work out of a series of artworks that is due in the upcoming months, where I revisit past works and take out the colors, and leave black, white and grey.

My entire life has been consumed by my passion for colors. I am frequently asked how many hours a day I create my art and my response is always the same, when my eyes are open I am thinking, and when they are closed I am creating. All the colors of the world inspire everything I paint. But how does the world look without color? This is something I am always pondering. Do we really need color to see beauty? Do we need to look with our eyes to see, can our minds and imaginations fill the spaces in between?

As a young artist I was, and as an older artist now, am still enamored by the photography of Ansel Adams. Although Adams’ images are hues of black and white, the deep and richness of the hues overpowers the senses and they eyes forget and ignore the lack of color. By removing the distraction of color, the true essence of the beauty of what Adams’ viewed through the lens can be seen.

My first experience with removing color from my sculptures was with “My Heart Is All A Flutter”. The inspiration behind the use of butterflies for me originated from Pavel Friedmann’s poem, The Butterfly, which describes a single yellow butterfly. That one poem I read over 35 years ago guided the course of my life. The poem describes a beautiful yellow butterfly amidst so much ugliness. Recently I thought to myself, can I remove all that is perceived as beautiful and make it more beautiful. I think so.

When I painted the black, white and grey version of “My Heart Is All A Flutter”, rather than staring at the explosion of colors that brings the piece to life, my mind immediately began to change the colors of the butterflies. Each time my eyes passed over the butterflies I decided they were sky baby blue, sea foam, lavender, teal……..now my eyes were creating the colors for me, the sculpture changed with every glance. Not only does my art bring life to color, but now with the absence of color, my mind is bringing the sculpture to life!

As Ansel Adams achieved the true beauty of what he saw by removing color so the viewer only sees the natural shapes and contours of nature, I hope that I have been able to achieve similar by allowing the viewer to only see the original designs of my butterflies as formed in my mind.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, please contact me here.

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