Layered Sculptures 

Layered sculptures can come in many shapes, styles, and designs. With early sculptures dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, evidence has been found that signifies these pieces consisted of different materials.

These layers gave the sculpture’s structure strength and kept its integrity in place. This design style has been carried over into new age layer sculptures that are no longer made from sand, stone, clay, and cement.

Some modern layered sculpture pieces now consist of laser-cut metal or wood and are even created digitally. This article discusses layered sculptures and highlights why this artwork is so famous in the industry.

You will also learn about a prominent artist in the industry and find out what inspires him to create the art he does. Without further ado, let us begin this piece.

What Are Layered Sculptures?

Layered sculptures are a form of expression that stands out from the different art styles. It can be made from various mediums, including glass, paper, material, cement, etc.

With this art style, artists can uniquely express themselves and give their artwork depth. People like using art like this for wall decorations or upright structures; there will be a piece for you no matter your design preference.

Are Layered Sculptures Popular?

Layered sculptures are extremely popular these days, and rightfully so. It is resounding to see so much interest in this particular niche in the art industry. We would say that the emergence of technology has allowed many more people to get involved.

Most artists who create layered sculptures use animation software to design their pieces before they begin building them. Some creators even use laser cutting technology to cut the components required to bring their project to life.

With all the incredible design and different layered sculpture options out there, you are spoilt for choice for your next piece of wall decoration.

How to Create Your Layered Sculptures

Creating your layered sculptures can be challenging and exciting at the same time. You first need to decide what style of sculpture you would like to make, whether digital or physical.

Once you have chosen your desired medium, it is time to bring your idea to life. You can begin with a sketch to get a general outline of what you want to create; if it is a reenactment of the Monday morning traffic, using more than four layers to represent different road lanes could be a good idea.

Choosing a material that adheres well to the paint you wish to cover it with may also be a good idea. An example of this is acrylic paint which is water-based and suitable for metal structures or sculptures.

Another excellent idea for your layered sculpture is a photo frame design. This art style will require that you use a bit of sculptural paint to achieve the correct effect, but it will all be worth it.

What You Need to Create a Layered Sculpture

Here we have listed some of the things you may require when getting started with your first layered sculpture. It is crucial to remember that everyone starts somewhere, so if you don’t have all these items, don’t be afraid to begin the process.

The things you need to create various layered sculptures include but are not limited to:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • An animation program
  • Sculpting paste
  • Wood Cutters
  • Metal Cutters
  • Various Materials
  • Paint

With the above items, you will be able to design the masterpiece of your dreams and bring your artistic vision to life.

About David Kracov

David Kracov is an American artist born in Boston who studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and started his career in animation with “Cool World,” a film featuring Brad Pitt. Kracov worked with Rich Animation, Don Bluth Animation, and Disney Animation, to name but a few.

One of the most extraordinary things about this artist is that his vibrant color palette makes his solo work as a sculptor plus artist wonderful and unique. His unique steel sculptures begin with hundreds of rough sketches and eventually lead to him performing meticulous steelwork.

David’s creative and playful works are a testament to his wonderfully unique artistic ideas and a steady hand. You can find his work adorned in galleries worldwide and in the personal collections of esteemed collectors.

Lastly, what is incredible about Kracov’s art is that some of the pieces are so simple, meaning they can be placed anywhere in the home. His sculptures come in a limited edition of only 55 works finished with a high-grade water-based acrylic polymer paint. What’s fantastic is that no two pieces are alike because each is individually finished.


In ending this article, we would like to say that we love layered sculptures and the works of David Kracov especially. With the vibrancy and depth that he delivers with this artistic flair, there is no surprise that this artist is a household name.

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