Butterfly Art

Butterfly art has been making the rounds lately, and rightfully so. These creatures are beautiful and have vibrant colors that stand out. It only makes sense that artists use them as subjects for their ideas and creations.

Multiple artists throughout the ages have created artworks with butterfly designs, styles, and influences. This allows the person to make a piece that stands out and carries some symbolism.

In this article, we discover what butterfly art is and why it has become popular, plus provide you with some butterfly art examples. By the end of the piece, you will have a better understanding of butterfly art and its meaning.

What Is Butterfly Art?

Butterfly art can be any artwork that represents a butterfly or has similarities to its appendages. Artists have various ways to show butterflies in their designs, so it would be best to look at some examples to find your favorite styles.

David Kracov is an artist who creates butterfly art using metal as his canvas. With his art style, he brings various layers of depth to his pieces. If you are a fan of colorful, vibrant butterfly artwork, we suggest checking out this artist.

Is Butterfly Art Popular?

Ever since the old days, humans have studied butterflies in a child-like manner. These insects are unique and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Many collectors around the world have been preserving butterflies for decades.

You can see that butterflies have always been a popular subject, so they shine so brightly in the art world.

Butterfly art sales have grown exponentially in recent years, primarily through online portals and art galleries worldwide. There is no stopping the excitement people get when seeing a piece that looks incredible and has great detail.

Butterfly Art Examples

If you are looking for some butterfly art, one of the best things you can do is check out some butterfly art examples. With the examples below, you will be able to find the perfect design for wall decorations or as an inspiration for your next art creation.

Watercolor Butterfly Art

Watercolor is a great way to accentuate the features of a butterfly and deliver an outstanding finishing to come together nicely. If you want a painting for your lounge or entertainment room, creating or purchasing one like this is good.

Realistic Butterfly Art

Nothing is better than a super-realistic artwork that highlights the creature’s features. Purchase a practical butterfly art piece to get the best visuals that money can buy.

Abstract Butterfly Art

Abstract art is a way to step away from realism and bring vibrancy into the picture. With butterfly art painted in an abstract method, you will be able to get the extra color to your home with a single painting.

Butterfly Art Symbolism

Butterflies represent powerful and profound meanings of life. The insects are metaphors for life, hope, change, transformation, spiritual rebirth, and mystery symbolism.

These creatures serve to remind us that life is short and closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation. Some people believe that butterflies are angels and messengers of the spirit realm, but there is no actual evidence.

No matter what you wish to believe, butterflies are symbolic due to the insect’s inadept ability to listen directly to its intuitions.

The Passing of a Loved One of Butterfly Art Symbolism

Often when a loved one passes; a person will use a butterfly as a symbol to mean that they have been set free. Butterflies also serve as a symbol for wedding celebrations and life’s journey.

Butterfly Fun Facts

Since these creatures are so wonderfully fantastic and exciting, we thought we would include some facts for you to finish off this piece. The more you know about these creatures, the better you will be prepared when selecting your favorite artwork.

Below are some of the facts about butterflies that we think you will enjoy:

  • Some butterfly species have even been known to drink blood from the open wounds of animals
  • Butterflies taste with their feet
  • The tiniest butterflies are as small as an inch, while the largest ones can be up to 14 inches in length
  • These creatures do not defecate; since a butterfly’s diet consists only of liquid
  •  A group of butterflies is called a flutter
  • Male butterflies drink from dirt puddles to get minerals and salts that cannot be otherwise found in nectar
  • These insects do not have mouths. Instead, they have a proboscis which is a long, straw-like body part that soaks up liquids like fruit juice


With the information this article provided in mind, you can choose butterfly art for your home or office. We mentioned a prominent artist in the industry and recommended checking out David Kracov’s work for meaningful and vibrant butterfly pieces.

What are you waiting for? Get your favorite artwork today!

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