Layered Sculptures 

Layered sculptures can come in many shapes, styles, and designs. With early sculptures dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, evidence has been found that signifies these pieces consisted of [...]

Architectural Sculptures

What Architectural Sculptures Are In The Dictionary, the definition for architectural sculpture is “Sculpture in which the material is not carved, but shaped instead by forming it into a [...]

Metal Sculpting

What Is Metal Sculpting? Metal sculpting, or alloy casting, is the process of creating objects of metal by pouring liquid metal into molds to form them in sculptures or other items. Copper, [...]

Sculpting Definition

What Is Sculpting? Sculpting is the process of creating three-dimensional objects by carving, forming, and modifying clay, wax, or other pliable materials. The term sculpting is sometimes used [...]

Types of Sculptures

Sculptures are one of the most interesting and creative mediums. Their form and purpose can be anything from an ordinary figure to a portrait of a person, to a monument, a whole building, or [...]

Abstract Sculpture Definition

Abstract definition of sculptures is a peculiarity of art. Awareness of this definition is evocative of how sculptures are more than just canvas and paint to be bought at a store. Sculptures are [...]

Street Sculptures

The word sculpture comes from the Greek word for “to cut,” and the act of constructing recognizes the aesthetic value an object has for its maker. Sculptures are distinguished from paintings, [...]

Material For Sculpture

The world of Sculpture is a diverse and vast one, with hundreds of thousands of sculptors across the globe creating some of the most incredible works of art. The world has changed immensely over [...]

Freestanding Sculpture Definition

If you take a moment to look up the word sculpture, you will find it is a popular and broad term whose meaning varies from person to person.  This is not a bad thing since it means we’re all free [...]

What Is Sculpture

The sculpture is an art form that involves transforming a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional one. Sculptures are generally created using a variety of different materials, and some [...]

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